Conservation project : 'Little Amazonia'

Translation : Arimèe and Jackie Ward, Bodensee/Germany

Amazonia is a World Heritage site because of the variety of its landscape, flora and fauna.

Although there are many people who are selfishly destroying this area with no thought for the consequences, there are others who are trying hard to protect it. One of these private initiatives is the small forest of 'Sonho do Carneiro'. It is a genetic data bank with the sole purpose of preserving the species which are stored there. Is this tilting at windmills? Maybe, but it's better to tilt at windmills than simply to sit around complaining and doing nothing.

This small forest contains almost 400 species of trees and palms from Amazonia and Brazil, concentrated in an area of 3 hectares in the community of Marituba (situated 20 km from the town of Belem do Para). It was planted after the publication of the first studies on the cloning of plants and how this technique could be utilised for the largescale replanting/restoration of dead forests. If the project is successful, every plant could be reproduced by means of a single surviving specimen. At present this technology is being used by big Brazilian cellulose manufacturers and research institutes.

Now, 25 years after the project was begun, this small forest reflects a little of the beauty and variety of Amazonia. My concern is now to make others aware of this beauty and of the need conserve the forest, and to pass on the knowledge I have acquired.

The information shown is based on personal research, the folk wisdom of Amazonia, books, contributions from experts and half caste Indians (Caboclos) of the region. All the photos were taken in the little forest, except the series supplied by Emilio Goeldi.

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